Term 2 2021 Notice

Newsletter 1 Term 2 Jazz & Ballet examinations


Dear Parents


Welcome to term 2 at Wellington Ballet.  This notice has quite a lot of information for exams for Jazz/Contemporary and Ballet students



There will be no lessons on Monday 7th June.


The date for this is:  7th & 8th July during the school day.

To confirm your exam payment needs to be paid into the fees account: 01-0274-0433049-00 by the 21st June.  Please make clearly your child’s name and what level it is for.  I will not be sending reminders for payment so if your child’s payment is not received I will not be entering them.

Exam uniform for jazz is:  t shirt, black leggings and jazz shoes.

Contemporary t shirt and black leggings and socks


The below fee covers 1 extra lessons and the exam fee paid to the NZdance made.


Level 1-4…….$65.00 Level 5-8…….$85.00. Level 9-13…….$95.00


The exam practices will be: SUNDAY 4th JULY for Caroline’s classes and SATURDAY 3rd JULYfor Millie’s classes.  Times to be confirmed



Royal Academy of Dance Examinations and Class Awards

The teachers have all expressed how well all the students are doing.

Closing date for exam entry for Primary and Grade 1 – Grade 5 students is: 14th June.   Children participating in two lessons per week can only take part in an examination.  If you are unsure if your child should sit a ballet examination please contact me.  These exams can fall between these dates:  6th September – 1st October Please pay the appropriate exam fee (as listed below) into my account to confirm your child’s entry.  Fees Account: 01-0274-0433049-00 Please make clearly your child’s name and what exam it is for.  I will not be sending reminders for payment so if your child’s payment is not received I will not be entering them.


Primary in Dance n/a $69
Grade 1 $93.00 Email for fee
Grade 2  $106.00
Grade 3  $118.00
Grade 4  $127.00
Grade 5  $136.00  



Exams are a huge commitment and they require your child to not only attend two lessons per week but to practise at home as well.   If in the past years your child has been disappointed with their mark in their exam a class award would still be a great way to participate and enjoy the experience.  Here is a little information form the RAD to help you make that decision and I am happy to discuss if you have further questions.  Class Awards are led by a teacher and the examiner assesses the Class. The mark scheme for Class Awards is less detailed than exams, providing candidates with a broad overview of standard rather than a detailed breakdown. Successful candidates receive a certificate and a medal.


Primary Extra Lessons if sitting the Class Award:  Children need to attend these days next term.
27th August, 3rd Sep, 10 September, 17th September

Friday 3:30 – 4:10pm.  There will be an extra charge of $60 for these.


Millie is available on Thursday 3:30-5:00 for private lessons. If you would like a private with myself please email to arrange a time.  Please use the following link to book a spot with Millie:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mbykf3SrzCchEYlBDw8DJqU2n2-bINIi2asFcFL7HDc/edit#gid=0



I have noticed a lot of people not paying on time.  Please remember if you don’t pay by the 4thweek of term you will incur a 20% late fee.



Parents week will be on the last week of term from Monday 5th July – Saturday 10th July.



Wellington Ballet hoodies can now be purchased via the uniform order form on my website.  I will be submitting an order on Friday

Here is the link: https://www.wellingtonballet.co.nz/uniform/



Currently we have an offer if you introduce a new pre schooler you get 3 free classes.

Wishing you all a great term 2.


Kind Regards


Monique Koorey, Caroline Chu, Millie Moon & Milly Hanlon




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