Show Information 2020

Show Time 2020

Sunday 6th December

First Show: 1:00pm

Second Show: 4:00pm

Lower Hutt Town Hall, Laings Rd Lower Hutt

Show, costume and rehearsal information is detailed below:

DRESS REHEARSAL (Thursday 3rd December) Times as follows:

Lower Hutt Town Hall

Pre Primary (Monday, Wednesday Saturday) & Primary – (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday )

3:30 – 4:30pm

Grade 1, 2 Ballet Intro Jazz 2  Monday/Wednesday, Beginner 1 & 2 Jazz Monday/Thursday

Be at theatre at: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm


All Grade 3,4 Ballet JAZZ Pre Elementary & Elementary Jazz/Contemporary  

Be at theatre at: 5:30pm – 7pm

Grade 5 Ballet, Senior Ballet & Jazz/Contemporary Intermediate Seniors 

Be at the theatre at 2:00pm till approximately 8:00pm

 Please come with your costume on if you have a question please email me.

NO PARENTS unless you have offered to stay and help at this rehearsal

SHOW DAY DETAILS Sunday 6th December

PLEASE NOTE CHILDREN ARE IN BOTH SHOWS with the exception (Pre – Primary & Primary Ballet).


Pre Primary Monday, Primary Monday & Saturday Pre Primary will ONLY be in the 1pm show on 6th December


Pre Primary Wednesday, Primary Wednesday & Primary Saturday will ONLY be in the 4pm show on Sunday 6th December.


 Sunday 6th December First Show (1:00pm) : Please be there by 12:30pm

Senior Jazz & Ballet students (Grade 5 and above. Jazz Pre Elementary & above) will need to be at the theatre by 12:00 pm

Approximate finish time 2:30pm


Second Show (4:00pm) All students to be back at the theatre by 3:30pm parents must take students away after the first show with the exception of  Seniors (Grade 5 & above and Pre Elementary Jazz/Cont & above) : Should not leave theatre between shows.  Bring plenty of food and snacks.

Please note:


  • Children need to come dressed in their costume with their ballet or jazz shoes
  • Hair up off your face and in buns.  If short hair, half up in ponytail. Or if given a specific hair do by teacher
  • Light make-up can be applied if you wish but is not compulsory.
  • Children should bring snacks (preferably the ones that won’t spill over costumes) a drink (water preferred) and quiet activities.
  • Sunday First Show: After the first show finishes approx. 2:30pm children need to be collected from their changing room/meeting area by a parent.  Parent helpers will not let the children go until they have sighted a parent.   PLEASE don’t come and take the child without letting the parent helper know.  Parent helpers please identify yourself to parents coming in so parents know who are looking after the children. Some children were not collected last year between shows this is not fair on the helpers if you can’t be there arrange with another parent for your child to be looked after by them.
  • Children will need to be back at the theatre no later than 3:30 pm for the 2nd show. .
  • At the end of the show all the costumes need to be returned to me so children need to bring a change of clothes to get dressed into afterwards.




Costumes will be given to the children in their lesson before their show.   Instructions will be given if you need extra things like tights when you receive your costumes.


These will be clearly marked on the day with your class name and list.

Senior Ballet & Jazz Elementary & Intermediate, Grade 4, Grade 5, Will all be underneath the stage downstairs in changing rooms.

The rest of the students will be upstairs in the meeting rooms.


 If you can help with any of the following please click onto the following google document and put your name beside the job.  Please note you can help with any class even if your child is not in it.

  • 2 parent helpersrequired for each of the Pre Primary through Grade 3 Ballet, Jazz/contemporary classes for each show.  This means you arrive and sit with the children 30 minutes prior to the show and wait until every child has been picked up at the end of the show. You will need to keep a roll and mark when children arrive and accompany them side stage and back to changing area. After the final show, children need to get changed and you will need to gather all of the costumes up and pack into storage bags.   Or Pre Primary, Primary need to be collected after show.
  • 1 parent helper for the rehearsal for each class.  It involves sitting with the children and looking after them.
  • 1 parent helper for each group to be responsible for the Grade 4, 5 and Intermediates, Advanced Jazz 10 – 12 & Seniors for each show.
  • 6 Front of House Staff.  This means you arrive 45 minutes before the show help people to their seats and are responsible in the event of an emergency evacuating the theatre and cleaning up afterwards.  A torch maybe a good idea. One of you needs to be able to sell tickets also prior to the show.
  • Ticket Sales Dress rehearsal & before show. 
  • Costume cleaning at the end of the show.  Take home a set of costumes and clean them and arrange drop of back to Monique after the show there is no hurry with this.


Tickets will be on sale from Saturday 28th November. There is no allocated seating.

Ticket prices are:

Adults $20

Children (2 to 16 years) $10

Ticket are not needed for children sitting on a lap.

Ticket will be on sale by eftpos or cash on these days:

Venue: Khandallah Bowling club

Saturday 28th November 9-12pm

Monday 30th November 3;30-6:30pm

Saturday 5th December 9–12pm

(This machine needs to be operated via a phone so therefore can only be used during the above times).

Cash ONLY sales will be available Thursday 3rd December at the dress rehearsal and on the day of the show.

Your child who is dancing does not need a ticket and they will not be able to sit with you after they have danced. Infants under 2 years will not need a ticket but will be required to sit on an adults knee.  If there are any wheel chair accessible seats or any other special assistance required can you please email me.


The show is professionally filmed to a very high standard.   You will receive the link to the recording of the two shows. This can be shared to all family and friends.  Each family will be charged $10 for this.  If you would like to opt out of receiving this please email me.


Term finishes on Sunday 6th December the day of the show!


I would be grateful if you could let me know  if your child will NOT be continuing ballet & Jazz lessons in 2021.  I am trying to plan the timetable and this will be largely planned around numbers as to how many returning students I have.

Lastly if you have any questions please contact me.


Kind Regards


Monique Koorey

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