As we enter our 4th year of classes at Wellington ballet I just wanted to say thank you for providing lessons that are both fun and professional. Your end of year shows are a staple highlight on our calendar.  The time and effort that you put into these is evident and it warms my heart to watch every child have their turn to shine.  When it comes to exams, the results speak for themselves and we feel honoured that Sophie has the opportunity to develop a love of classical music and dance under such well qualified tutelage.

Catherine Jones

Both my girls adore their classes with Miss Monique. My oldest (grade 2) appreciates the time that is taken to ensure that she is comfortable with the steps. She says that Miss Monique never gets tired of showing them, even if she has to do it over and over again. My youngest (pre primary) loves that she gets to point, twirl and ‘be’ a ballerina. I love that both my girls are always happy to go to ballet and that the focus is clearly on encouraging the best from the girls in a fun way. The end of year show is done in such a way that it doesn’t add extra stress to an already frantic time of year but gives us the opportunity to celebrate another year of dancing.

Camilla Peet

Monique has a wonderful ability to share her love of dance with her students. She, and her team, provide high quality teaching in a supportive and caring environment. Monique is friendly and approachable and her warmth is reflected throughout the school. She welcomes and encourages any child who wants to learn ballet and her fees, including for the end of year show, are reasonable. The end of year shows are a delight for children and parents alike!

Jacqui Van Der Kaay

I’d recommend Fairy Ballet to any takers. All three of my daughters have been taught ballet by Monique. I’m always impressed how she not only manages a group of kids, but she actually teaches them something too! Monique keeps silliness to a minimum whilst also maintaining a sense of humour. She ensures each child feels included in the class, and the end of year concert gives them a great sense of achievement. Ballet is the highlight of my three-year-old’s week.

Meredith Ogilvie

We came across Khandallah Fairy Ballet through advertising in the community and as my daughter (3 at the time) was showing a desire to do ballet, thought we would give it a try. I have found Khandallah Fairy Ballet classes excellent and the children are engaged and very enthusiastic. Monique includes a variety of activities the children can relate to and adapts the theme of the activities as the children get older. Monique is great with her students. She is kind, caring and consistent, creating an atmosphere that allows the students to take risks, try new things and develop as performers. They enjoy the lessons and are happy to be left in Monique’s care. As a teacher I am fussy about the extra curricular teachers around and going to lessons if mine or my children’s time is being wasted. Khandallah Fairy Ballet offers great value for money and motivates young dancers with joy and a love of dance.

Gemma Kerse

Our daughter Ava is three and just loves anything to do with ballet, so we enrolled her with Miss Monique at Khandallah Fairy Ballet, and she just loves every minute of it. Monique has the patience of a saint and a beautiful caring but no-nonsense way with the children that gets them skipping, pointing and doing plies. She provides a warm and supportive environment which allows the children to learn through dance and have fun at the same time. We would highly recommend Monique to anyone looking for that ballet class with a little something special.

Jo Swindail, Churton Park