Wellington Dance Classes for all Ages

Offering Wellington ballet classes in Khandallah, Newlands and Johnsonville, our experienced dance teachers provide lessons for all ages, from two years old to adults!

Looking for Professionally Taught Wellington Ballet Classes?

Wellington Ballet is a professional dance school which follows the Royal Academy of Dance graded examination schedule. But as well as teaching ballet, we also offer contemporary and jazz classes. Our classes include:

  • Dance4tots Ballet

  • Fairy Ballet

  • Pre-Primary Ballet

  • Primary Ballet

  • Grade 1 Ballet

  • Grade 2 Ballet

  • Grade 3 Ballet

  • Grade 4 Ballet

  • Grade 5 Ballet

  • Intermediate Foundation Ballet

  • Intermediate Ballet

  • Advanced Foundation Ballet

  • Adult Ballet

  • Jazz/Contemporary Dance

Johnsonville Ballet & Jazz/Contemporary Classes

Our Johnsonville dance studio is located at the Johnsonville Community Centre Hall. Classes are held twice a week: Wednesday for Jazz and Contemporary lessons, Thursday for ballet lessons.

Khandallah Ballet  & Jazz/Contemporary Classes

Our Khandallah dance studio is our main Wellington ballet studio and is located at the Khandallah Bowling Club. Here dancers have access to both bars and mirrors during their lessons. We also teach Wellington ballet classes at the Khandallah Town Hall. A variety of ballet lessons are taught here, from Fairy to Advanced levels from Monday through to Sunday each week.

At the end of each year, many dance students from the Wellington Ballet School participate in a recital. Held at the Lower Hutt Little Theatre, this is a wonderful opportunity for our ballet, jazz and contemporary dance students to demonstrate the skills they have learnt. It is looked forward to not only by students, but also parents, grandparents and members of our Wellington community.

Please visit our website pages to find out more about our professional dance school teachers, book a class or download our class timetable for the year.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as a member of our Wellington ballet school.




22nd July - 28th September


14th October - 9th December