Why choose Wellington Ballet for Lessons?

In 2006 when we began our dance school, we only used to teach Wellington ballet lessons at our Khandallah studio. Since then, we have branched out in both the locations we teach at and type of dance taught. With ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes available in Khandallah, Newlands and Johnsonville, it’s never been easier to express yourself through movement!

Our mission at Wellington Ballet School is to provide every student with excellent training in classical ballet and dance, in both a positive and enjoyable environment. As professional dance teachers, we believe we offer the Capital’s best dance lessons and invite you to come visit and see for yourself!

Benefits of Enrolling in Wellington Ballet Lessons

With our main ballet studio in Khandallah fully equipped with a bar and mirrors, it is here we teach most of our ballet classes. Our Johnsonville studio is also where we teach ballet, but also where our jazz and contemporary lessons are. Finally, our Newlands dance school simply offers ballet lessons for younger children.

When an adult or child enrols with our dance school, there are many benefits including:

  • Being able to express themselves in different ways
  • Building & maintaining their fitness levels
  • Gaining stage experience
  • An education in the Arts
  • Building self confidence
  • Developing coordination & musicality
  • Learning discipline & focus
  • Making new friends
  • Having fun!

Do We Offer Ballet Examinations?

Yes! At Wellington Ballet School, we follow the Royal Academy of Dance graded examination schedule. In Term 3 each year, we hold dance exams for grades levels from Primary upwards. While participating in the exams is not compulsory, we work towards them in our lessons during the year. It remains the choice of both the parents and students if they want to sit the exams. There is an additional exam fee which is payable at the beginning of the third term which covers the cost of the examination, the examiner and the room hire.

If you would like to learn more about enrolling in Wellington ballet lessons, please visit the page of the studio which best suits you: Khandallah, Ngaio or Johnsonville. For a list of dance class prices or to reserve a spot in one of our lessons, please visit our Book a Class page.

About the Principal Monique Koorey

The Principal and Founder of Wellington Ballet Monique Koorey, originally started ballet when she was 5 years and trained with Briar Horrocks until she was 16 years old.
She then went on to The New Zealand School of Dance where she studied for four years. It is here that she completed her Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certificate and Imperial Society of Dance Teaching Certificates with Distinction.

After her studies in New Zealand Monique then travelled to London where she opened and ran 5 dance schools offering summer camps, ballet, tap, modern, singing and drama. 
Her most recent achievement was being awarded the New Zealand School of Dance graduate of the year for 10 years service to Dance.

Monique has a passion for teaching and has a wonderful caring personality that has even the youngest of her students producing the most fabulous results. 


Michelle Davie

Ballet has always been an important part of my life. I danced for 10 years, reaching the Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate level.  I continued to attend many dance productions, and have encouraged my daughter to learn ballet and to share in my love of dance. Dancing in Monique’s adult ballet classes sparked a passion to teach ballet myself and I’ve loved working in her school for the past three years.

I’ve completed one year of the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies which included attending an intensive 10 day study programme at the New Zealand School of Dance.  

Prior to having my children (Sam aged 13 and Rachel aged 10) I had a successful career in government, which included two years working in Parliament for the Minister of Revenue as his tax revenue advisor.

I have always been heavily involved with the children’s schools, including a year as a PTA co-chair. Sam’s now at college and I’m looking forward to meeting other Onslow families. My family’s interests include our pets (two dogs and a cat), singing, netball, football, rugby, cricket, walking and skiing.


Allanah Hare

Allanah danced Ballet and Jazz from the age of three right through to advanced level at the age of 18, training in the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and American Jazz Syllabus. With a love for performing and being on stage, she performed in different productions around Auckland and participated in various dance competitions. With a portfolio of certificates ranging from merits and distinctions she then applied to study to become a RAD ballet teacher in 2014, and is now a registered RAD RTS Ballet teacher.

Ballet and dancing have been major influences in her life, as she claims it has taught her how to have confidence in herself and learn about elegance and grace. 

Allanah has a passion for classical ballet and the historic aspects that go with it and wishes to pass on her passion to her students. In teaching, she believes that it is important to recognise the classic style of ballet and keep the style alive, but to also be prepared to be open to how ballet evolves with the times. As a teacher, she recognises that it is always important to keep up her own development and always be open to new teaching techniques so that every student can achieve to the best of their ability. 


Caroline Chu

Caroline Chu: Caroline has been teaching Jazz for over 20 years for studios all over the lower north island as well as Canada.  Her training was in jazz and ballet and her specialty is a good technical style that is lyrical and contemporary infused.  She has performed over the years as a professional jazz dancer for tv sports and corporate events.  Her highlight was been part of the cast of CATS in 2008.  Most recently she has examined, taught and adjudicated for the DanceNZMade syllabus and competitions around NZ.  She has also taught in Oak Bay Victoria and choreographed for the Maple leaf School of Russian ballet.  She has 3 school aged children and continues to share her knowledge and creative ideas locally in Wellington at various dance schools.